Lierac Sensorielle exfoliator with 3 white flowers


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This deliciously textured gel-oil exfoliates, smooth and tones the skin. Ultra-creamy, it moisturizes the skin while adding warm, sensual fragrant notes.


Rehydrating, smoothing and relaxing effect, delicately perfumed skin.

How to Use

Use 1 to 2 times per week.
2 exfoliation rituals for 2 unique sensory experiences:

  • For gentle exfoliation: apply on damp skin and it transforms into a delicate milk.
  • For more energetic exfoliation (ideal for rough areas like knees and elbows): apply on dry skin.

During these 2 rituals, apply to the body using circular massaging movement then rinse thoroughly.
The skin is ready for the next SENSORIELLE skincare treatment for increased hydration.

Active Ingredients

This double texture changes into a delicate milk when it comes in contact with damp skin:

  • Sugar crystals

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