Molton Brown Pomegranate & Ginger hand lotion

Molton Brown

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A hand lotion with pomegranate extract, spicy ginger oil and our skin-enriching complex that instantly firms, comforts and hydrates.

The fragrance
Top note: spicy ginger oil
Middle note: Lily of the Valley
Base note: vetiver
Extract: antioxidant pomegranate fruit


London via Marrakech
Vivid peaks of spice. The market's buzz. Jewel-like fruits eaten in the shade.

Shimmering. Heady. Exotic.


Why you'll love it:
Keep your hands and nails in tip-top condition with this subtly spiced moisturizing hand lotion.

Best for
Ideal for lovers of warm, soothing aromas, this moisturizing hand lotion keeps your skin hydrated for over 24 hours.