Molton Brown Japanese Orange body wash

Molton Brown

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An indulgent bath and body wash blended with spicy cumin, caraway and Japanese orange extract, yuzu (for antioxidant protection).

The Fragrance
Top note: Zesty Bergamot
Middle note: Caraway
Base note: Exotic Patchouli
Extract: Citrus junos peel (Yuzu)


London via Japan
Bobbing citrus fruits. The morning sun. Lively conversation over steaming waters.

Steamy. Sharp. Stirring


Why you'll love it
Inspired by traditional Japanese bath houses where Japanese oranges (aka yuzu fruits) are left bobbing in the water, this body wash lathers up into a zesty, refreshing foam.

Best for
Balancing citrus zest with a spicy kick, this refreshing body wash gives your sense an exotic wake-up call.

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