Capsule Parfum FRESH DUO - Polis + Urbane

Capsule Parfum

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  • POLIS is a floral musk ozonic fragrance for work and play. It's a wondrous scent for escaping the city hustle. Fresh and serene. A dreamy, mindscape scent suitable for women and men.
    • Notes: sparkling calone, riviera mimosa, sea lily, vetiver moss, feathery paper blooms, cotton, daydreams, moonbeams, white clouds, sheer musk
  • URBANE is a bright, citrus cocktail inspired by the vibrant energy of urban life. Casual and cool. A fresh, refined unisex scent.
    • Notes: frosted bergamot, mandarin, tarocco blood orange, night phlox, wallflowers, honey, cream, tonka beans, earthy oakmoss

How to Use

Choose one fragrance to suit your mood, or use both to create a custom blend. Just apply a few spritzes to your wrists or neck, and remember: less is more.


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