diego dalla palma Mascara Transformista

Diego Dalla Palma

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An innovative and versatile mascara with performances that have never been seen before. It can be applied and then reapplied several times during the day because it does not dry and leaves lashes soft and supple, thanks to the new formula and innovative applicator that lets you have volume and high definition. Ideal for touching up throughout the day. And you decide how to show your lashes off to their best.


BUILDABLE VOLUME EFFECT: With each application you will have more volume and high definition because it coats, lengthens, separates and combs lashes with maximum definition of the eyes, without the product clumping.

ULTRA-PERFORMING APPLICATOR: Specially designed to exalt the performance of the formula. The perfect combination of fibres of different dimensions, materials and types, guarantees buildable volume and clump-free application.


Silk proteins with a shaping action: these moisturize the lashes and leave them soft, for easy application of the product so that lashes are naturally glossy, separate and with a "fanlike effect"

Micro-keratin with a restructuring action : this reinforces and restructures lashes damaged by external agents, forming a protective film on their surface, for voluminous and "lengthened" lashes.

Panthenol with a reinforcing action: this repairs and reinforces the structure of the lashes, moisturizing and nourishing them with a lasting effect. It leaves lashes healthy and strong, exalting their natural glossiness.

Natural waxes (beeswax and carnauba wax) with a protective action: these coat the lashes with a film, nourishing and protecting them from external agents. They make the formulation of the mascara smooth and the lashes glossier and easier to shape.


Apply a small amount of product and you will obtain perfectly separated and defined natural lashes. Apply another coat of the product (immediately or a few hours afterwards) and your lashes will immediately look thicker and longer, gradually transformed.

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