diego dalla palma Semipermanent Mascara

Diego Dalla Palma

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More than a waterproof. This is the first semi-permanent mascara, the only mascara that resists water, tears and time and comes off only when you want. It defines the lashes for many days without weighing them down thanks to its soft and creamy texture. Ideal for sporty people, for who lives in open air and for who want a long lasting product easy to apply.
How to remove it: to remove it use the diego dalla palma biphasic make-up remover or an oily make-up remover.


  • Soft and creamy texture; comfortable finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent colour yield
  • Long and well separated lashes
  • Semi permanent and waterproof


  • Film former: silicone resins that create a fine and plastic film on the surface of the lashes, fixing the coloured pigments in time, protecting them from external agents such as moisture, the wind, the sun's rays and sebaceous secretions of the skin.
  • Natural oils: for supple lashes


For a more full-bodied effect, apply the mascara from below upwards, with a movement from right to left and from left to right to thicken the lashes at the sides as well.
Considering its very creamy texture, do not blink for a few seconds after application to avoid smudging.

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