diego dalla palma Transparent Powder

diego dalla palma

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  • diego dalla palma Transparent Powder
  • diego dalla palma Transparent Powder

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Lightweight, barely there and comfortable loose powder. Applied on top of foundation, it makes it last longer and does not alter its shade. Its formula allows balancing the sebaceous secretion of the skin giving a matte and silky finish, naturally making the complexion look more even.
Recommended for: all skin types


  • mattifying
  • sebum-balancing
  • transparent
  • absolute comfort
  • velvety and silky smooth skin that lasts hours


micronized powders: perfect adherence for a natural effect


Powder applied on top of any foundation makes it last longer.
It mattifies naturally and allows perfect application of the blusher and bronzer avoiding a blotchy effect. It can also be used to mattify the eyelids before applying eyeshadow.
Lastly, if a small amount of powder is put on the cheeks, which is then removed when the make-up is completed, it avoids eyeshadow falling on the base whilst making up the eyes.

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