Jasmine body oil

Aquarian Soul

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4 oz

Jasmine's intoxicating fragrance has been long been prized for its exotic and beautiful scent. We have combined this luxurious essential oil into a blend of nourishing oils to provide you with hydration all day. Jojoba oil and sunflower oil easily absorb into the skin, and nourish it with vitamins A, E and D. Jasmine not only has an amazing fragrance but has antibacterial properties that help keep skin clear. Use this body oil on dry patches or all over skin after showering. Can also be used as a bath oil or massage oil. 


Use dropper to dispense as much oil as needed to provide moisture to entire body. 

Key Ingredients


Is not only one of the best smelling flowers in existence, it is full of wonderful properties beneficial to your skin. It is very hydrating, and helps retain moisture while keeping your skin balanced and toned. It also acts as a mild sedative which helps calm anxieties and worries. It also acts as a mood lifting flower which helps put you in a better mood and relieves depression.