Rose body oil

Aquarian Soul

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4 oz

The original rose body oil. This oil is super moisturizing and luxurious. Apply after a bath or shower to retain the moisture. Apply all over your skin, the tips of your hair, or even add a splash to your bath. A blend of soothing, organic oils nourish your skin. This is lightly scented of geranium rose. Infused organic rose petals into almond oil for a light, not overpowering scent of roses. Jojoba oil and sunflower oil easily absorb into the skin, and nourish it with vitamins A, E and D. Dried rose buds float in the bottle to infuse the oil and add a beautiful touch.


Use dropper to dispense as much oil as needed to provide moisture to entire body. 

Key Ingredients


Rose Buds

The renowned flower known for its distinct beauty is also amazing for skincare. Contains vitamin c, antioxidants, and is antibacterial and moisturizing. It helps the skin retain moisture and appear brighter and more glowing.

Geranium Rose

Helps with all kinds of skin irritations and helps reduce time of healing of cuts and scrapes. It also helps reduce appearance of scars. It improves blood circulation, inflammation and is anti bacterial. It smells similar to roses but is a more gentile, mild scent and not overpowering.